Langley Murders

Murder Time! 

Every year there is a murder in Langley, Washington. There are a few constants about these crimes. They always happens the third weekend of February. They always create a stir. And they are always solved. They are also the most fun that you can possibly have when staring at a crime scene and trying to suss out the clues hidden there. It’s possibly the best Mystery Weekend event in the country. (If anyone knows of a better one, let me know!) ¬†Detectives from all over the country (and even from outside the country!) show up to solve the case. My family has been making an event of it for more than a decade now, renting a house and having a mini-reunion while sorting clues and weeding out the guilty party.
I’ll be Instagraming the mystery as it unfolds, and will be hopefully be blogging along here as well. It’s time to do some sleuthing!¬†


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