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Mercury is What?

I just realized that Mercury has begun transition to Retrograde and that Retrograde will be in effect through almost the entirety of April. Now I’m afraid to even start work on book four as my CampNaNo project. I know, I know. It’s all so silly, the idea that the position of Mercury in the space…

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Langley Murders #2

So here we are, last day of mystery weekend. We’ve had a wonderful time staying at Harbor House in Freeland here on Whidbey. Yesterday morning, an eagle swooped by right outside the window, and I got this incredible shot of a heron taking a stroll on the beach. The house itself is wonderful, comfortably furnished, and…

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A Day In the Life

  What about me? What is there to say? Would a poem about me and my day, satisfy this curiosity? Fed cats, coffee coffee. Sit to work and try to write, read instead. Why as adults may we not go to bed, in the middle of the day? Cat thinks it’s okay. The vacuum was…

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