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Strange Tidings

black cat yawning

Pasha’s getting her Halloween face on to help me make a couple of exciting announcements!

Wow! How did October roll around so quickly? I’ve got a couple exciting tidbits to share with you all! 

First, my Kami White mystery series is finally in the hands of my agent and should start finding its way out into the world soon. My fingers are crossed!

Second, I’m taking a short break from polishing the second Kami story to fetch out the second of Mountain Home Mini-Mysteries. Unlike the first, though, this one is turning into a true novella, or, possibly, into a full novel. Either way, Christy and Mae are figuratively saddled up and ready to ride!

Thirdly…Wait…that’s more than a couple of news items. Sorry! I should have said several news items. I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this year and am encouraging everyone I know to once more do it with me. One month, one rough draft of 50,000 words. C’mon. You know you want to!

Fourth, (that still counts as several, right?), I’m working on a subscription area of the website that will have some special content for mailing list subscribers. Not just inside information, tantalizing tidbits, and maybe some ‘cut scenes’, but also a new project that I’m working on just for my fans! More details coming on all of that very soon!

A Day In the Life



What about me? What is there to say?
Would a poem about me and my day,
satisfy this curiosity?
Fed cats, coffee coffee.
Sit to work and try to write, read instead.
Why as adults may we not go to bed,
in the middle of the day?
Cat thinks it’s okay.

The vacuum was clogged with a cat toy.

Washing machine just overflowed. Joy.
When I signed on as suburban housewife,
did I imagine this kind of life?
Client called. I did it wrong.
Can I make it deeper and brighter and twice as long?
Can I do it all for a song?
Dinner, dishes, shower, cats are fed.
Husband waiting for me in bed.
“How was your day, love?”
“It was perfect,” was all I said.